In a major recognition of the quality of VIVA's projects and the strength of the organisation, Irish Aid has committed funding of over €125,000 from its Civil Society Fund (CSF) to VIVA over the next three years. The CSF has, as its objective, the improvement of the livelihoods of disadvantaged communities in developing countries by means of funding of Irish NGOs (non-governmental organisations).

This funding is being allocated to two projects in Africa. Firstly, in eastern Uganda, VIVA has committed over €140,000 to the Koilei Amora Ican Animal Traction Project over the next three years. One hundred and twenty eight families will be supported with the distribution of draft oxen, ploughs and carts. Farmers will also be given grass seeds, vegetable seeds, tools and appropriate training (click here to read more). Secondly, in Tanzania, we have committed over €57,000 for the next three years to the training of paravets. Initially, ninety people will be trained under veterinary supervision to provide basic animal healthcare to 100 villages around Arusha and Kilimanjaro. (click here to read more)

The projects will be monitored by VIVA's new Global Projects Manager, Nancy Aburi, who is based in Nairobi. She will be travelling to Uganda and Tanzania on a regular basis and reporting to VIVA on the progress being made. Nancy [Profile: Nancy Aburi] brings a wealth of experience to her new role and is a welcome addition to the VIVA team.

Irish Aid is the Irish Government's programme of assistance to developing countries. From humble beginnings in 1974, it has grown steadily over the years with over €800 million being allocated to overseas development assistance in 2007. The Irish Aid programme has as its absolute priority the reduction of poverty, inequality and exclusion in developing countries.